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StudyTime isn’t run by a team of deluded Oxford Professors. We haven’t spent the last 20 years, rigorously testing different study methods by throwing textbooks at monkeys. We don’t even have monkeys.


Monkeys and CalculusInstead we’re a group of (very attractive) young people who believe the current schooling system has made study unnecessarily difficult and dull. It could be worse however, imagine if Donald Trump was running NCEA…

The answer to every Math equation; “We’ll get the Mexicans to solve it”.

Providing evidence would no longer be required in English; “I know quotes. I know great quotes. I know all the quotes. I have a great relationship with the quotes.”

The top History student would be yelling; “We will make America great again!” while a bedraggled teacher attempts to summarise the Treaty of Waitangi.


We noticed a gaping lack of resources and support when going through the struggles of study. So, like Nelson Mandela’s relentless battle against apartheid, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to fight this great injustice.

Using Inspiration Education’s expert tutors, we’ve created a range of free resources. We’ve also created StudyClub, an interactive forum where you can ask our tutors anything about NCEA, study tips or who has the best claim to the Iron Throne of Westeros.

We will light your way through the long dark of internals, exams and everything in between.


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