Author: Emma Vitz

Study Myths – Busted!

Study Myths – Busted! There are a few study myths that float around about what effective study really is. These can hold you back in getting the marks you deserve. Let’s bust some myths once and for all to make sure you avoid these pitfalls. Myth #1: If a study strategy is hard, that means it’s not working. Most of us have a pretty lazy default setting. Wanting to do things that are easy and don’t challenge us too much is normal, but does it work? It’s tempting to think that if a study strategy is hard and you’re...

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Mock Exam Special

Mock Exam Special Mocks matter - here's how you can be ready for them. Why care about mocks? Mock exams are a funny thing. People usually react to them in one of two ways – either they freak out completely, or they couldn’t care less. As you can imagine, neither of these two reactions is ideal. Neither leads to you performing your best. Exams come down to two crucial things, really: Do you know your stuff? Can you get it all out onto the exam paper in a way that gets the marker on your side? Mocks matter (I’m...

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Slow and Steady Wins the Race Every time I eat dinner, I get about three-quarters of the way through, and a thought pops into my head… What’s for dessert? That’s because I’ve eaten a lot of delicious dessert in my time, and it’s always come after dinner. In other words, it’s a habit. How can habits make the school year easier? Habits are basically responding in the same way each time you come across a physical cue. In my case, the cue is almost being finished with dinner and the response is thinking about dessert. Repeat this a bunch...

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Taking Notes, The Smart Way

One of the things that terrifies people about going to university is the fact that they’ll have to take their own notes. What if your lecturer talks too fast and you can’t keep up? What if you do it wrong and have nothing to go back to when it comes time to study? What if you fail an entire paper because you don’t know how to take notes?

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Fake Learning, Real Learning

Schools hardly ever actually teach us how to learn. They teach us lots of facts, interesting concepts, ways of doing things. And that’s cool.

But they assume that we’ll just pick up on how to actually learn along the way.

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