Join us for our tailored NCEA workshops. 22nd October - 20th November 2017.
Hancock Community House.
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Studying for exams is always hard – especially when you’re first starting. Get a head start with our specialised NCEA workshops, these coming holidays, at the Hancock Community House in Palmerston North. In conjunction with Inspiration Education, StudyTime will be hosting tailored workshops for NCEA students at Level 1 and 2 to nail their end-of-year exams. Our sessions are tailored to teach you everything you need to know to smash your externals, alongside smart study techniques to apply after the workshops are over. Spots are going quick, so be sure to secure a spot.

If you want a helping hand in achieving your academic goals, come along and get a head start.

Highly trained tutors

Our tutors are all young, bright and highly qualified in NCEA subjects. We’ll help you to learn exactly what you need to know to succeed, including tailored support for the merit and excellence questions.

Engaging Sessions

Our team of tutors are all bright, young and friendly. As long-time employees of Inspiration Education – they’ve been chosen not just for their teaching merit, but also for their engaging personalities.


Comprehensive coverage

Our workshops span 6-hour sessions, and cover all three external standards of each subject.



Each workshop is supported by an interactive presentation, full subject notes, a worksheet for each standard, and answers provided.


Relevant Content

Our workshops are designed to address the unique challenges of each external, and have been developed based on feedback from current high school students.

If you feel like you can do better, and want the support you need to excel, we’re here to make that happen.

The presenters constantly asked if we understood the content of the workshop & encouraged us to ask questions. Really helpful!


Workshop Student

The workshops are really good! Helped me expand my knowledge about calc and made me feel more confident for the exams.


Workshop Student

All workshops start at 9am and run through until 4.30pm* with regular breaks every two hours.

Refreshments provided!

*Excluding Exam Hacks Workshop which runs 1-3pm


StudyTime’s Exam Hacks workshop will help students understand how to learn faster, organize a study system and learn techniques to sit exams with confidence. Attending this workshop is recommended for enhancing both their study, and getting the most out of the other workshops.

Study Skills

Exam Hacks:

Sunday the 22nd of October 1-3pm

Find out more about our Exam Hacks workshops…

NCEA Level Two Workshops – $79 EACH $59 EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT*

*To use please enter “earlybird” as the discount code at checkout.

Level Two Physics:
9am Saturday 4th November

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Level Two Chemistry:
9am Saturday 11th of November

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Level Two Mathematics:
9am Monday 20th of November

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NCEA Level One Workshops – $79 EACH $59 EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT*

* To use please enter “earlybird” as the discount code at checkout.

Level One Science:
9am Friday 10th of November

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Level One Mathematics:
9am Friday 17th of November

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Meet Our Workshop Tutors

We take the best tutors, and help them craft engaging workshops. Our presenters aren’t dry, boring, or unprepared. They are professional, trained tutors who have completed hundreds of hours of lessons, are experienced with NCEA and with how to help young people to succeed. Our presenters are what makes StudyTime workshops the most effective workshops out there.



Workshop Presenter



Workshop Presenter



Workshop Presenter



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