Well, 2018 exams have come to a close and we can conclude that they sure taught us love, patience, pain, and how to turn NCEA questions into relatable meme content.


This year was faced with Yamahas, chicken combs and trivial petitions galore. But like learning these three concepts mid-sitting an exam (for the most of us, at least) we also asked you what other valuable things you learnt – and perhaps would want to be wary of for the well-being of your future self.


This is what you came up with.



1. “there’s nothing worse than writing a sentence on a paper and then realising you should’ve just voided it” – Anna Dawes



UH-OH, DANCING PAST THE POINT OF NO RETURN. – Disclosure x Lorde, 2015.


2.  “i learned that i can’t be productive for a whole day” – Alyssa Arreola



Hey, take it task by task, Alyssa. Treat yo’self.



3. “I learnt how to silently cry in the middle of the night doing last minute study” – Elysse Hollever



Silently crying or extreme hyperactivity; it can either go one of two ways, right?


Wrong. It can totally go both ways at once.

4. “I learnt that now my last two exams are finished, I have no idea what to do with all the free time i have.” – Sarah Beamish



This feeling is the equivalent of when you’ve had earphones in for a good amount of time, then when you take them out it still feels like you’ve got them in your ears.


5. “that NZQA are gonna put in topics that they haven’t put in the past 5 years of papers” Manoj Kumaraguru



^ NZQA sprinkling your papers with curve balls. Thanks, NZQA. Thank you.


6. “i learnt that what you study most for doesn’t actually come up in the exam” – Nirhjah Selvarajah



Ah, the inevitably unavoidable NCEA risk of doom. When in doubt, write what you know and sign it off with “That wasn’t me, that was Patricia.”


7. “Not to start studying the night before eeeks” – Lachy Beasley



A gif progression of you crash-coursing yourself with our StudyTime strategy videos and How-To-Study articles.


(Save yourself this last minute stress for next year and purchase our StudyTime Walkthrough Guides in advance!)


8. “how to be discrete when crying” Finn McWhirter



I’m not crying, Supervisor, I’m just really happy to be here.


9. “That study leave is really good if you aren’t attempting any papers” – Baely Wilson



You can’t face any problems if they aren’t there to begin with…right…right?…haha…ha


10. “that my shoe breaks under pressure and i had to use rubber bands to hold it together in my exam. those rubber band are holding me together right now” – Alex Sherborne



We like your use of a metaphor there, Alex. Spoken like a true Unfamiliar Text author.


11. “if you’re planning to do a degree in something start studying earlier than the day before” – Rakai Tichborne



Also known as “The Raven Symone Effect”: the moment you realise that the next 24 hours could potentially change the course of your future forever.


BUT, also that exams aren’t the be all end all of things, do not define what you’re capable of and that there are always other alternatives to reach your desired goal.


12. “i really should have started studying back in feb” – Rimu Lawrence Bhooi



Studying in Feb? As if!


(But seriously though that’s not the worst idea!)


Now enjoy your summer holidays! You’ve earned it.



Your friends at StudyTime xx





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