Well, it’s the last week of NCEA exams for Kiwi students in 2017, and boy has it been a wild ride.

From obscure poems about loving stools to the birth of a literal fandom for Jordan From StudyTime, it seems like we’ve seen it all this exam season. After surviving the stressful, confusing and transformative experience that is NCEA exams, it’s important to reflect on things we’ve learnt for next year.

So here it is: 15 lessons from NCEA exams 2017, as told by you.

1. “Never underestimate how wobbly a desk is” – Joshua Daglish

With the amount of complaints we received about these damn desks, StudyTime is now officially advocating for a nationwide “BYO desk stabilizer” movement for all NCEA exams from here on out.

We’re also working towards endorsing “wobbly desk” as a legitimate reason to get a derived grade from NZQA. Stay tuned.



2.  “Complain enough and you can be in the news” – Jane Findlay

Well, you’re not wrong there, Jane. From the L1 Maths debacle tolegitimate concerns about anxiety left right and centre, this exam season was certainly not a quiet one for the NZ public.

But with news stories abound, the real question remains: how much will change for next time? Only time will tell…


3. “Don’t procrastinate hahahahahahhaa” – Jubilee Mortera

Ok we feel u Jubilee, BUT WE HAVE ALSO BEEN SAYINGTHISFOREVER. Remember this feeling for next November, friends.



4. “Too much V gives you seizures” – Kyrie Splash Bautista





5. “man’s not hot” – Mako Mataira



It was only a matter of time before this came up.


6. “Stools get ripped away from their families and get used by humans as slaves” – Amanda Boyce


For those of you living under a rock, NCEA L1 kids were really struck by curveball when in the unfamiliar English standard, they had to analyse a poem about a woman’s alarmingly intimate relationship with a stool. Less than a few hours later, a meme trend was born.



#StoolGate17 was probably the biggest blessing/curse to come of NCEA ever.


7. “Jordan’s ‘unfamiliar text in 90 seconds’ taught me more than my English teacher did in the whole year” – Rhiana Merota.



We’re glad that Jordan could be of service. Tbh he has become our most valuable asset. We only wish everyone paid as much attention to all of our other resources as they did to Jordan’s Instagram. Which you can find here btw.


8. “That I will definitely start studying earlier next year, making the most of the extremely useful study time walk through guides and study checklists” – Sasha Matsumoto




9. “The fact that although all exams suck, it brings together a group of students who can complain over the same topic together. Whether they do the same subjects or not” – Rachel Irvine



A problem shared is a problem halved. How’s this for a wholesome StudyTime family appreciation post?


10. “That life is pointless, where all we do is trick ourselves into looking forward to the future, in hope of amazing things, when the truth is, majority of us will be working for someone else, for monetary stimulus in which we can buy things to fill our empty and meaningless existence. Exam have taught me that I’m no different to any other year 13, as we all sit in exam halls, neatly lined in rows, to sit tests which determine where we should fit in and that ones contribution to society is usually seen as how big their pay-check is” – John Hudson


I mean, you’re not wrong.



Good thing we wrote an article addressing this existentialist crisis.


11. “Even though exams are yuck it’s worth it for the memes” – Charlotte Barrand



This exam leave, we have all allowed the meme lights to guide us to the other side.


12. “No matter how much you study it doesn’t matter because nzqa keeps throwing in questions that aren’t in the standard anyway” – Samantha Wilson



Exams are rough, but the most important thing was that you tried Samantha. We’re proud of u.


13. “I’ve learnt that exams aren’t a test on how good your skills are in a specific subject, it’s a test on how well you can memorise things that you’ll forget the next day.” – Alisha Gerken



That’s why we’re constantly lecturing ya’ll about recall vs. recognition.


14. “There’s no such thing as a young supervisor” – Chinmaya Dixit.



Was there ever?


15. “STarT stuDYinG For lEVeL tWo maTHS eaRLieR thaN tHE daY bEForE tHe eXaM” – Caroline Howell