Succeed in the Level One
Algebra MCAT Exam


Succeed in the Level One Algebra MCAT Exam


NCEA Level One Algebra MCAT Workshops

Whatever your skill level, these MCAT workshops are designed to give you the confidence, strategy and motivation to smash the MCAT exam. This year, the MCAT workshops will be run in 2 parts. Part 1 will cover the foundations of the MCAT for achievement, and Part 2 will cover the more complex skills for students aiming for Merit or Excellence.

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Refresher of Essential Algebra Skills and Knowledge

In Part 1, we focus on solidifying and reinforcing the core algebra skills.

Practice Using Real Questions

We cover practice questions from past exams, to solidify your understanding of the content assessed and how to interpret and answer questions

Strive for a Higher Grade

In Part 2, we’ll cover strategies to tackle the harder merit and excellence problems so students can boost their grade

Ask Our Expert Tutors

Our team of expert tutors will be there to answer questions about the MCAT exam and how to succeed

Our MCAT workshops are run in 2 parts:

MCAT Part 1

Part 1 runs through the core concepts that the MCAT assesses. This workshop is designed to consolidate the fundamentals, and help them to build a solid foundation for actually answering MCAT questions.

MCAT Part 2

Part 2 is aimed at helping students answer MCAT exam questions – focusing specifically on Merit and Excellence ones. It focuses on building up more complex skills, as well as breaking down strategies to answer longer questions.

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It is recommended to book both a Part 1 and Part 2 ticket on consecutive weeks.
There are limited spaces available so please book immediately to avoid missing out.

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