How to swerve out of study struggle street

Jun 6, 2019 | 0 comments

You’re almost halfway through the year motivation is lacking, school work is piling up, and sports practices consume your ‘spare time’.


At this point in the year, it’s common to feel like you’re starting to head down struggle street with your school work.


But it doesn’t have to.



Pick ‘n’ mix from these tips on how to get your studies back on track for the second half of the year.


1. Real talk


Let’s be honest. Have you actually been studying during your study periods? Or are you too busy scrolling through StudyTime memes?




To be fair if there is a subject you’re finding tricky, you probably won’t be jumping at the chance to work on it. So maybe you need extra help to actually sit down and get stuck in.


If procrastination is taking over, read our How to Avoid Procrastination article or watch our Productive Procrastination Wholesome Half Hour video.


And if you watch these while you’re procrastinating, at least you’ll be doing something kind of productive right?


2. Make a study schedule


Rather than sit in the corridors complaining about your Biology teacher that has bad breath, take 15-20 minutes to make a study schedule.





Be realistic about when and for how long you’re going to study. You can’t schedule two hours of study each day when you’ve got sports to practice, guitar lessons, and homework to complete after school.


Instead, put all your activities in first, even schedule in your downtime so study doesn’t come at a time when you’ve mentally clocked off.  This way you won’t finish dinner and flag studying to watch the latest Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode.


And you don’t want your study session to be bland so add a bit of flavour, mix it up. Gather the troops and book out a corner in the library and schedule a weekly study group or slip away to the library one lunch break and do a bit of independent study.


Click here for more info on how to make a study schedule and stick to it.



3. Guide the way


Sometimes all it takes for you to understand a new topic is seeing it explained in a different way. StudyTime guides are the unsung heroes of NCEA. They’re like at home tutors which make your lives a little easier.


These are available online for FREE, or printed copies can be purchased here.


Having a physical copy of the guide is especially helpful for later in the year when you’re studying for your exams. This way you can scribble notes on the book and highlight important information (or if you’re a compulsive highlighter, you can go nuts and highlight everything in the guide).





These guides are a great place to start if you just can’t quite wrap your head around the structure of an atom, or how to define differentiation for example.


4. Have that potentially awkward conversation with your parents.




We have no trouble telling our parents when we get an Excellence in a subject, but when our grades are swooping it’s a little more tricky to talk about. But the first step to improving in something is getting help and practice.


Believe it or not, your parents are actually interested in what they can do to help you. So, your wellbeing and happiness are far more important to them than your grades. Try and remember this when approaching them about needing some assistance with your studies.


Next time they ask you how your day was don’t just say “ok” and quickly revert to your bedroom, actually, take the opportunity to tell them school has been a little tough recently. Who knows they might even have great advice for you because once upon a time they had to sit high school exams too.


5. Tutoring


Just like sports practice or learning a new instrument, it’s really beneficial to have a mentor or coach to boost your confidence and get desired results. Getting high-quality tutoring can make all the difference. Whether it’s to help gain confidence in an area you currently find tricky or to bump your grades up in a subject you’re not too shabby at already.


If tutoring is something you’re considering check out StudyTime’s big brother Inspiration Education.  


If you think you need tutoring but you’re still too nervous to talk to your parents, don’t stress. Inspiration Education will take one for the team and initiate that conversation for you.





If you want to find out more about tutoring fill out this form.


From here, Inspiration Education will send an email to your parents explaining that you’ve expressed an interest in getting tutoring.


Again, don’t stress! They’re not narking on you, but instead, are giving your parents a gentle nudge to have a chat with you about school work. This way, the awkwardness of initiating the conversation has gone and your parents can look into tutoring options with you.



Beat that slump


Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back! You’re so close to surviving another hefty term.


Learning is a journey and occasionally we need a bit of help. Keep ticking those internals off your list and don’t forget to put in the mahi or you’ll be back to square tahi.




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