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StudyTime Online Resources

At StudyTime we understand you have enough on your plate without the added pressure of finding good study resources. To make resources available to every kiwi student we have free walkthrough guides, study advice, and videos.

Subject checklists: Tickbox lists that include everything you need to learn for that subject. Before you start studying, you can go over the checklist and work out what you need to revise and what you already know. As you continue your studies, you can tick off what you’ve got downpat.

Online Walkthrough Guides: If you need a bit more practise going over the content taught in class, these online walkthrough guides are super helpful. They break hard topics down and explain it like a mate so you don’t have to dread studying. 

Strategy guides: Need some tips for the exam? These strategy guides give you some advice on the structure of the exam for that subject, concepts to focus on, and common mistakes to avoid. 

Get access to the subject checklists, online walkthrough guides and strategy guides for your subjects and achievement standards here:

StudyTime Exam Articles


 If you want to read something other than your study notes, here’s a few of our best exam related articles.


Why grades mess up our motivation

Why grades mess up our motivation

  When you took your very first, shaky steps, did your parents stand by and give you an Achieved grade on walking? We didn’t think so.      We are all willing and able to learn to sit up, crawl, walk and talk without rewards or feedback like grades. So...

How to get an excellence using the NZQA website

How to get an excellence using the NZQA website

  “Your worst enemy could be your best friend.” - Bob Marley   NZQA: sometimes our nemesis, often a nuisance, but deep down a nurturer.   When deadlines pile up and you’re running on three hours of sleep and double that number in energy drinks, it’s...

10 things to remember for NCEA exams

10 things to remember for NCEA exams

  Okay team, we’re fully into exam season now, and as recent Australian Bachelor Nick ‘the Honey Badger’ Cummins would say, we’re all as busy as a one armed bricklayer in Baghdad.     Whether you’re a new year 11, freshly scarred from your MCAT...

NCEA Help Group

Sometimes all you need is a friend or experienced mentor to run to for advice or exam help. Join our NCEA Help Group Facebook page which is managed by trained NCEA tutors 24 hours a day.

Join the NCEA Help Group to:

  1. Ask questions about a specific subject
  2. Get help fast for your exams
  3. Talk to other students studying the same subjects as you
  4. Learn from questions that other students are asking


Some find it easier to ask a question online rather than asking in front of the whole class. Often, you won’t have any questions until you’re studying at home anyway. The NCEA Facebook Group is a great space to ask any study-related questions you may have. 

Back to Basics

Finding it hard to locate the basic information you need for exams like when they are and what they cover?
We think you’ve got enough on your plate so here’s all the key information you need.

NCEA Exam Timetable

Not sure when your exams are? Have a look on the official NZQA Exam Timetable below.

Exam Strategy Videos

It’s the question everyone is asking, “what's going to be in the exam?” These NCEA Exam Strategy Videos are free, short, online tutorials that run through the key concepts covered in the exam for that standard.

NCEA Exam Tutoring

You don't need to cram for exams alone. StudyTime tutors have all sat NCEA exams before and know what it's like to be in the thick of study and feeling a little stuck. They're here to help through online tutoring sessions.

Are you:

  1. Struggling with key concepts
  2. Lacking confidence in sitting exams
  3. Feeling under-prepared, confused or overwhelmed by your studies
  4. Unsure where to begin with your studies
  5. Looking for help answering exam questions
  6. Noticing you're procrastinating from study


We’ve all been there, you’re freaking out for that one big exam, or that exam date has crept up on you. A last minute exam tutoring session might be what you need to feel more confident about your exams. StudyTime’s cram exam tutoring sessions are all online and run for 30-minutes.

StudyTime Study Resources


Walkthrough Guides

Prefer reading and highlighting printed notes? These are our printed Walkthrough guides. They’re exactly the same as our online guides that “walk you through” the key concepts of each standard.

StudyTime Workbooks

As your teachers and parents always say, “practise makes perfect.” Test how much you’ve learned and how prepped you are for exams with the questions in these workbooks.

StudyTime Stationery

There’s nothing like buying new gym gear to motivate you to workout. We think stationery does the same thing for study. We’ve got two items in out stationery range, a study wall-planner poster which covers an 8 week study programme, and a study planner notepad to help you stay productive in each study session.

StudyTime Social

Need motivation to get through exams?
Join us on social media to get some wholesome, entertaining, and useful content. 

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StudyTime is an online platform dedicated to helping NZ kids make the most of high school.
We’re a combined team of tutors and students who deliver entertainment, advice and original resources to thousands of high school students every day.

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