NCEA results came out yesterday, and the student population wasn’t shy about airing their woes to the world. 


With every emotion on the spectrum displayed, from sincere confusion, to apathy, to solid denial – StudyTime was there to witness it and comfort everyone through the grieving process. 


But we couldn’t move on without getting at least a few laughs out of the reactions. This is, after all, the only silver lining of our online platform – the fact that we can all at least share a laugh over this ridiculous “NZQA” kerfuffle we’ve all found ourselves in.


So we’ve compiled the best reactions from you,  to reflect on the last 48 hours with a healthy dose of humour. Whenever you feel blue about your results, remember that no matter how dire your circumstances, there are others out there who feel exactly the same way you do.


1. Blame


There’s no easier route to grade satisfaction than blaming your teacher or an anonymous NZQA marker for your bad grades. It might be the lowest hanging fruit, but it sure as heck feels good. This year’s results were particularly coloured with threats of actually suing the teachers and/or markers involved – a trend which may or may not have started with a status we made (AS A JOKE, GOD).




Hey, no judgement here. Do what you gotta do to purge the NZQA bad feels.



2. Humour


If there’s one thing NCEA kids know well, it’s how to take a joke. Here’s the best dark-humour-esque reacts we got after results day.




3. Denial


Ah, the first stage of grief. 



4. Memes


We’ve taught you so well. 



















6. Endorsement struggles


Ah, the 50 credit benchmark. The most frustrating doozy NZQA could pull on ya. (Don’t worry – endorsements don’t actually matter that much). 


7. Sweet relief (for the leavers)





8. Confusion and surprise





9. Wholesome






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  1. Riley Druce

    I’ve peaked


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