Genetics Revision Bundle

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The perfect pair for revising the Genetics standard for Level 1 Science. Learn the key concepts covered in the exam in the Walkthrough Guide, then practice what you've learned using NCEA style questions in the Workbook.

Genetics Workbook

A workbook designed to help students of all levels prepare for their Genetics exam, wrapped up in a beautifully designed package. The three sections include the foundations of the topic, complementing, or working independently of, our walkthrough guides to help you build lock in the basic definitions and skills needed for the exam; a section dedicated to the long answer questions that students love to hate in NCEA, breaking them down into small chunks to give you the formula to succeed; and finally a practice exam to get you ready to ace the exam! Each section has a reflection section to get you to identify the parts of your understanding that need work, to help you study smarter, not harder. All of the answers, including how we got there are included with the workbook online.

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This Walkthrough Guide covers all the important information for the standard. It is a great revision tool to recap the topics covered in class and breaks down all the key information needed in the external. The best part? it's explained like a mate and has stop and check sections to ensure you're understanding all the information.

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