Acids and Bases


This walkthrough is chocka-full of IONS, IONIC BONDS, IONIC COMPOUNDS and all of the buzzy processes that go on behind the scenes. Buy me if you want to:

  • Get your head around reaction rate and collision theory, and understand everything that influences them.
  • Confidently discuss neutralisation reactions and
  • Easily pick up how to balance equations with explanations that “click”.
  • Understand acids and bases in their simplest terms

A must-have for any L1 Science Trooper.

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5 reviews for Acids and Bases

  1. Sarah Robson

    The guide is the perfect size, and the content made me quickly have a better understanding and increased my confidence in Acids and Bases! The way it is written makes it very easy and enjoyable to read .

  2. Leilani Faaiuaso

    Love love love this guide! Perfectly sums up the Acids and Bases topic and explains things in a way that I can easily understand.

  3. Pio

    Super useful! Would recommend for anyone

  4. evason

    awesome guide! Sums up everything in the Acids and Bases topic that we are required to know and explains things in a way that I can easily understand!..highly recommended!!

  5. Maia Trevelyan

    This is honestly the only thing that has made me understand rates of reactions…

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