Nasty genetics jargon and intimidating bio language got you down? StudyTime is here to save the day.

A great foundation for any future or current science student, this guide covers everything you need to know for L1 Genetics - from understanding Meiosis to finally mastering the art of drawing punnett squares and pedigree charts.

But this is only a taster of what’s inside. You only have to buy it in print (or download it) to find out just how much more there is to know. Go on.

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4 reviews for Genetics

  1. Bella

    The most helpful study guide- such an easy read, but explains key concepts perfectly- I love the blue boxes for key terms! Thank you Study Time- feeling much better about Level 2 Bio knowing I will be saved by the study guides! xxx

  2. Leilani Faaiuaso

    Best study guide by far – quick and easy read that covered all parts of the subject. I was able to understand the topic better and I am more confident heading into exams thanks to these study guides!

  3. Pio

    Easy read and super useful!

  4. Maia Trevelyan

    Everything makes sense now!

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