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MCAT Exam Question Video Breakdown

The MCAT can be challenging, but in this serious of tutorial videos, we will walk you through all the questions from the 2018 (A) and 2017 (A) MCAT exams, so you can be confident that you will know how to battle even the most challenging questions. These videos cover:
  • The thought process and various methods of tackling algebra questions
  • Common mistakes students make and how to avoid them
  • How to form equations based on wordy excellence questions

MCAT Revision Workbook

This workbook is closely linked to the MCAT walkthrough guide and has practical exercises that will help you practice the skills needed to ace the Level 1 MCAT! This workbook includes:
  • Exercises that test the basic skills that will be assessed in the MCAT exam
  • A break down of MCAT exam questions
  • Detailed answers with the rationale behind using a certain technique
  • Common mistakes students make in the MCAT exam

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MCAT Walkthrough Guide

The MCAT exam can be a bit intimidating, but with our handy guide, you’ll have everything you need to take control of it! We’ll guide you through everything in the standard, including:
  • The core concepts of algebra and how each skill relates to each other
  • Quadratic equations and how to use them to do helpful calculations
  • How to use simultaneous equations to solve your way to excellence

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This bundle is the ultimate survival pack for the MCAT exam. It includes the Level 1 Maths MCAT Exam video tutorials, the MCAT Workbook, and the MCAT Walkthrough Guide.

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