You know what’s sucky about force and acceleration? It’s usually taught in a way that makes you wanna “force and accelerate” yourself far, far away from your teacher and every mechanics classroom in sight. You know what won’t? OUR LEVEL 1 MECHANICS WALKTHROUGH GUIDE, THAT’S WHAT.

In this nifty booklet we’ll help you get your head around confusing concepts like work, power and pressure; kinetic energy; gravitational potential energy; and knowing how to convert between them.

This one also comes with a whole bunch of fun visual stimuli to numb the painful dullness of boring mechanics yarns. More included inside.

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3 reviews for Mechanics

  1. Leilani Faaiuaso

    This guide helped me so much with studying for mocks and I highly reccomend it!

  2. Pio

    Super useful! Would recommend for anyone 🙂

  3. Maia

    This guide has been really helpful!

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