Organic Compounds


Sit back and let this walkthrough guide name and teach you every reaction you need to know at Level 3.

Learn how to observe and identify unknown compounds and finally nail those pesky optical isomers that you hear about but still don’t entirely understand.

Our organic compounds walkthrough guide is the perfect supplement to the exhausting, complicated, trial-and-error marathon that is L3 Chem.

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Q. Where can I find the answers to the stop and check questions in the guide?

A. All the answers to the walkthrough guide questions are available on our website. When you order a guide, you will be sent the link to access these answers.


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Q. How will the L3 Organic Compounds guide help with my exam?

A. The L3 Organic Compounds guide covers the key skills that could be tested in your exam including how to observe and identify unknown compounds, and understand optical isomers. In this guide, you will get definitions, relatable examples, and stop and check sections to ensure all the information is sticking. The best part? it's all written in a way that's easy to digest and will help you head into the exam with full confidence.

Level 3 Chemistry – Organic Compounds Walkthrough Guide

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1 review for Organic Compounds

  1. Tayla Simpson

    This guide has helped immensely with the reaction schemes and the organic reactions.

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