Plant and Animal Responses


Plants and Animals are the least painful of all the bio standards, probably. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to get some intellectual direction and knowledge behind that noggin of yours. Blow your teacher away with your newfound wisdom on biological rhythms and intraspecific relationships.

In this walkthrough we’ll also:

  • Yarn about how plants and animals orientate themselves in time and space, and why
  • Learn about zeitgebers, entrainment and teach you how to draw some fancy actograms
  • Discuss interspecific and intraspecific relationships.
  • And much more.
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3 reviews for Plant and Animal Responses

  1. Samara Ryan-Harrop

    Really useful guide, taught me information that even my teacher hadn’t covered and that came up in the derived grade exam. Love how they make it so easy to understand for kids in this generation rather than the ones they give to you at school from several generations ago.

  2. Sophie Mansell

    These books are fantastic. they may be small but they still cover all the necessary information you need to get ready for your exams. Because they are small I found it made studying much less daunting so became more productive. It covered all the stuff my teacher missed and was very easy to understand. Highly recommend!

  3. Rahaf Almabaid

    Although it’s a big topic. The guide breaks it into easy parts which makes it easier to remember. I also like the illustrations used to explain most of the concepts.

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