StudyTime’s Ultimate Study Planner (A3 Poster)


Find it hard to plan out when and what you need to study? Find it hard to get through to keep your eye on the prize while surviving the study grind?

This A3 Study Planner makes planning out when and what you need to study easy:

  • Designed to actually look good on your wall at home!
  • Pro-tips from the StudyTime team for each week of study.
  • Plan out when and what you need to study each day for 8 weeks.
  • Flexible so you can use it for any period of study up to 8-weeks long – whether it be NCEA externals, mock exams, university or any other study you need to do!
  • Space for goals and rewards to keep you focussed and motivated.

Take the first step to stress-free study – purchase your copy today!

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