If you’re here, you must have survived week 1 of exams!


On instagram (@studytimenz) we asked you what you what goss you had from your first week of exams.

This is what you came up with…

1. “NCEA is trash. Imma send my children to school in Aus. ” toomuchcate



We’re all in the trash, but some of us are making trash angels. 

2.  “they misspelled words & phrases in the level one Māori exam” 




Ka pai, examiners! You outdid yourselves. 


3. “Well I’ll remember ryegrass in therapy” – saniakrishna




4. “boing boing boing” – A big ole bunch of you



5. “Not the best, but hey I’ve put the effort and did what I could so I’m proud” the_tenaciousone

That’s the spirit, my friend!


6. “oof my friend accidentally left her history flash cards in her pencil bag and in front of everyone” – emily.brookesss

Did you catch a peek?


7. “Unfamiliar text is the bane of my life”– unclemunya




8. We also heard a lot about Herbert and Colin but most of them weren’t appropriate to quote here. 



9. Yeap, our website was down for a bit 


We apologise to all of you, especially those that sent us stressed messages. 


10. “One of my friends and I were debating whether trees sexually reproduce after the L1 science exam”– bethany_way123


We hope you worked that one out. 


11. Judging by the number of messages we got about farts, exams make ya’ll fart a lot



12. “I wrote a banging essay, didn’t answer the question but it was still good”– whostthefricc



We’ve all been there. All the very best with your grade. 


13. “everyone gets derived history grades because the wifi wouldn’t work”– georginacopeman



Man, I wish I’d been at your school for my history exam. 


14. “Some kid fell asleep in my exam even after 45 minutes”




How many times do we have to say it…….don’t pull an all-nighter!


15. “The supervisors phone went off after they said to make sure all of our phones were off”




16. “Friend wrote ok boomer in their unfamiliar text exam and made it sound good”–thatwoodelf



We hope that if a boomer marks your friend’s exam, they’ve got a sense of humour!

Catch us back next week for round 2, and best of luck for this week. 


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