Across history, every generation has faced it’s own unique challenges that have been somewhat forced on the youth.


Whether that be war, natural disasters, or sheer survival. For us, that may well be climate change, and almost every student understands the pressure and urgency of it in our contemporary world.

Unfortunately, we can’t just tick off all the issues with the world like a checklist. New challenges and crises can always present themselves and it so happens the health of the world is ours.

In saying this, it doesn’t mean we can let it completely control our lives.

In this article, we’ll be explaining why you shouldn’t let the world turn you into another jaded adult because it’s hard being young today but we’re doing our best.



It’s a team effort 


As teenagers, melancholy seems to be a kind of fashion accessory, right next to ripped jeans and that band shirt from a group you’ve never listened to.

During this time, we are learning a lot of new things about the world and how it works, and it’s not always pretty. While we always knew in the back of our minds that it isn’t always peachy, growing up gives you a first-hand experience of this.

Learning new things is great, and means we can create more informed opinions about the world around us. But, the fact of it is, most of it can leave you feeling real dark about things happening.



As we learn things about the world, it can be difficult to figure out what we want to educate ourselves on, versus the things we want to change in our lifestyle.

Upon learning about things like climate change, we can feel a huge pressure to reduce their consumption of carbon and other harmful habits we humans have accumulated over the years.

While we all have the individual responsibility to do our best, it’s important we balance this with what we’re capable of doing. Unfortunately, huge issues like this cannot be resolved overnight, and it will take a lot of work from a lot of people to make it happen.

We shouldn’t feel stressy and depressy about world issues when we’re doing our best to make a positive change.

This can be applied to a lot of situations, we want to be a part of a social movement and work to make the world a better place, but we need to remember we can’t shoulder the burden on our own. 



What is ‘doing our best’?


So, what does it actually mean to do our best? And how is this different from what we’re told we should do? 


We all have individual responsibilities, and these are not always going to be the same. We all have different capabilities and access. Further, when we’re still living at home we don’t have the full freedom to make all the choices we want.



Instead, we should focus on what we can do.


Whether this is walking to school, deviating away from fast fashion, or thinking more about the food we consume. We have to also think about what is sustainable for ourselves, are we creating habits that we think can be maintained in 6 months time or a years time?


We can’t radically change our lives overnight, but we can make incremental changes that will accumulate to a bigger change. No one can be a zero-waste, self-sufficient, vegan, beach-cleaning, protest attending, zero-carbon superhuman. It’s just not realistic.


The important thing here is to separate yourself and your efforts from what you see on social media, or other outlets notorious for not presenting an honest image with the world. No one is perfect. We can’t do this on our own.





While it may be a stereotype, it is true that some members of the older generations discount our opinions because of our age.


As a younger generation, we always get a bad wrap from our older counterparts. This is something that has happened across history, where we’re labelled as a rebellious group, disrespectful of elders, and so on. 


With this bias, it can be difficult to feel as though we’re been taken seriously by adults when we have something to say or something to share.



However, your abilities as a person and the skills you have are totally separate from your age.


While you and your opinions will grow as you get older, this doesn’t mean that anything you have to say now is invalid. 


A good thing we can do is inform ourselves as best as possible of the things we’re passionate about. By this, we can share our knowledge, and maybe prompt some positive change along the way.


It’s hard, but if someone chooses not to listen to you or won’t budge on their own ideas, it’s not up to you alone to convince them otherwise. Again, we can only do what we can and work together to fry that big fish.



But remember, we woke 


Everything we feel in regards to what’s going on in this big wide world of ours is a symptom of being passionate and aware people.


Technology and everything that has been accomplished before us has allowed us to be more knowledgeable than ever on global issues. We have this advantage over our parents, grandparents and everyone before. So, rather than sit with the impending doom of things like climate change, we should utilise our knowledge to educate, innovate, and head into careers that create a positive change.




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