So you’re a solid week into study leave, and your local library just isn’t cutting it anymore.

The novelty of spending your days how you please is beginning to wear off, your next exam is looming, and motivation levels are at an all time low.

As we’ve said before, studying in different locations has actually been proven to improve your comprehension and recall abilities. If only you had some new spots to post-up and smash out that English revision.

All students know that the real stuff gets done with a nice view, some quality coffee and a solid brunch (or maybe just a toasted scone if funds are low).

Thankfully, we’ve answered your prayers and carefully compiled the top ten spots to study (and eat) in Auckland. Get going. 


This coffee cafe’s slogan is “you are about to become very good at everything” – so it’s only appropriate that you fulfil that prophecy by smashing out your very best study there.

It’s a well-established spot for scholars, writers, workers and other studying-bees, so there’s no pressure to leave. With excellent coffee and friendly staff, this place is all you need for a productive day out of the house.

There are different Shaky Isles spots scattered around the city – Kingsland, Britomart, Newmarket and New Lynn – so pick your local, pack your bags, and go get very good at everything!


Local coffee roasters Atomic headquarters is a great spot for getting some serious work done.

The slick, modern space on New North Road is perfect for igniting your inner worker, and is big enough to let you set yourself up and go unbothered for the day.

The food – delicious; the drinks – plentiful; and the vibes – outstanding.


3.The Esquires (Auckland Library)

This spot, literally nestled in the Symonds street library building, is perfect if you want a clean space with fast WiFi, and a “library-setting” without actually having to sit in the library.

It’s bright, energetic, quiet and home to all sorts of students. Pitch up by the window and people-watch while you work. 

4. Crave

Studying at Crave is like studying at cool pseudo-celebrity loft in SoHo NYC, only in the humble Auckland suburb of Morningside.

With delicious kai, great coffee, cool staff and lots of other really worthy initiatives, Crave is the perfect study spot (and also just really awesome company to support).

It’s massive, almost warehouse scale in design, so there’s never a shortage of spots for you and your laptop. It has free WiFi, and is always packed out with other creatives, writers and students.

There are seats for any occasion – retro couches splayed around the place, long tables for group study sessions, and little corners for solo-study.

Adorned with local artwork and giant murals, Crave is just as much a gallery as it is a food-joint, perfect for inspiring your creative streak.

Get down to Morningside to experience the inspiring energy that Crave has to offer. 

5. Albert Park

Albert Park is the perfect remedy to your study-induced hibernation. 

Adjacent to the University of Auckland and with free public WiFi, it’s the perfect place to set up with a picnic on a sunny day and enjoy the natural benefits of studying outdoors, while soaking up some Vitamin D.

With a gazebo, a central fountain, lots of floral displays, a pristine view of the cityscape and a number of “interesting specimen trees” to lean up against, Albert park is your go-to for a picturesque learning experience.


With an applicable name and a unrivalled eggs bene, Fact-Tree in Sunnynook is the perfect city-escape for learning your facts.

It’s a quaint, dainty little cafe with some good cabinet food and a range of tasty smoothies (which come with little tags that tell you interesting facts!). 

Make a roadie of it, bring your friends along and study at “Sunnynook’s best kept secret”. Probably best to get in before rush lunch hour – this place packs out. 

Welcome eatery – whose slogan is “fast, fresh and friendly” – is really welcoming, as you probably guessed.

The staff won’t look twice if you show up with a laptop passing the day away while sipping on one of of their many caffeinated beverages, or snacking on one of their wholesome options for breakfast and lunch.

Welcome’s open, industrial design will help you switch into work-mode seamlessly: and with other corporate/student/creative busy-bees abound, you’ll feel at ease sucking up the free WiFi throughout the day.

This place speaks for itself.

Takapuna’s House of Chocolate will satisfy all of your sweet-tooth cravings. With retro couches abound, free WiFi and all the hand-made gourmet chocolate your heart desires – what more could you want out of a day?

Camp out in this cosy cafe for the day and snack on one of the many options from the extensive dessert menu. Let your daily dose of cocoa boost your brain power, and if it doesn’t work, hey at least you’re at a chocolate themed cafe. If that’s not enough to improve your study-leave, I don’t know what is.

The Botanist is a cafe, bar and florist in one.

The free WiFi is just one of the many benefits of visiting this spot. Study away amidst beautiful flora and fauna, and snack on the myriad options of in-house meals.

Central, green and student-friendly. Wonderful.

Any Auckland-native knows that K’ road is full of all sorts of secret treasures, but not all are acquainted with the hidden magic of Bestie Cafe.

The open plan, inner-city spot, nestled at the back of St Kevin’s Arcade, hosts a range of unique features – not least its glass-fronted view of the city and Skytower.

There’s a big communal table for groups studying with your ~besties~, as well as a bunch of smaller tables to pitch up at solo. Let the flood of natural light inspire you, grab yourself some food and get started!