Your very own tutor in a book.


Calling all NCEA students: These are the notes you’ve been missing.

Our brand new walkthrough guides cover everything you need to know for one NCEA subject standard; are jam packed with colour and humour; small enough to be read in one sitting; and have been written exclusively by students (us), for students (you).

You can use our walkthrough guides in class; at home; studying; in conversation; as toilet paper; to throw at Becky when she’s getting lippy; whatever.

However you decide to use them, our guides are streamlined and lightweight – meaning you can take them with you anywhere you please and study on the go. 



Why are our textbooks different?


Written for all students

it doesn’t matter if you are the kid who studies 3 hours every night, or the kid who can’t remember anything that they learnt last year – our books assume no prior knowledge. This means you can start from scratch and still be on the same page as your peers.


Explained like a mate

Who said textbooks had to be boring? We don’t believe in sounding smart for sounding smart’s sake. We’ve strived to make every NCEA concept simple, engaging, with a dash of humour. Delicious.

Structured for maximum learning

We’ve designed our books around the latest research in education and learning psychology. By promoting true understanding over blunt memorisation, we’ll get you to your NCEA (and life) goals faster.

Making education accessible to everyone

The online versions of our guides are completely free and our print versions are pretty affordable too. We want every student in NZ to have an equal shot at achieving greatness in NCEA.

No mucking around

Everything we’ve included in our guides has been put together by young tutors who know exactly what “clicks” for students and what doesn’t. There’s no fluff. Just knowledge. (And some yarns too).

Full colour and visually appealing

We’re in 2018 now: black and white textbooks just won’t cut it any more. Our guides use colour so that you don’t feel grey when you are reading them.

Get your guide!

Don’t waste your money on outdated study notes, textbooks, or low quality YouTube videos. Order our walkthrough guides and begin your path to NCEA victory.

Delivered to your door within 1-2 working days*

*Next day delivery for NZ residential addresses for orders made before 2pm.

Why get the print version?

It looks pretty

Don’t deny it, we all love pretty things. These books look stunning in print, and you’ll thank yourself for getting the print version when you are actually studying.

Reading in print helps you learn better.

You don’t need an internet connection

When your mobile data runs out and your WiFi stops working – our print guide will still be there for you. We’re loyal like that.

Take them anywhere

With our print version, you can take them anywhere and use them alongside your other study. You’ll also look pretty smart too.

Learn how to best use the walkthrough guides

Every print version of our walkthrough guides comes with a training video and guide on how you can best use the guides for maximum study efficiency. Hosted by Jordan from StudyTime.  

Support StudyTime

StudyTime currently makes no profit, and all the money we’ll receive from the printed guides will go directly back into improving our service and expanding our reach. If you have the means to afford one, we’d love if you could help us to distribute free resources and support to those who can’t. 

Delivered to your door within 1-2 working days*

*Next day delivery for NZ residential addresses for orders made before 2pm.

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