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Calling all NCEA students: These are the revision workbooks you’ve been missing.

Exams are tricky and stressful, and students often don’t do as well as they’d hope because understanding and answering NCEA exam questions can be a nightmare. We’re here to change that.

Our brand new workbooks give you all of the practice you need to answer NCEA exam questions with confidence; are jam-packed full of step-by-step explanations, humour and colour; and have been written exclusively by ex-NCEA students (us), for students (you).

Designed to complement our walkthrough guides, which break down the concepts, our workbooks break down how to apply this to exam questions. Whether you are aiming just to pass, or to be the top of your class, our workbooks break down key skills and exam questions, step-by-step so that it feels achievable, rather than impossible.

Your very own tutor in a book

Calling all NCEA students: These are the notes you’ve been missing.

Our brand new walkthrough guides cover everything you need to know for one NCEA subject standard; are jam packed with colour and humour; small enough to be read in one sitting; and have been written exclusively by students (us), for students (you).


Based on science

Our workbooks are based around lots of practice – around 150 questions per book – understanding and reflection, which is scientifically the best way to learn.


Practice all the main skills you need

Gives you heaps of practice on the main skills of the standard, so you are able to build up to the Merit/Excellence questions.

Learn how to answer Merit/Excellence questions

Breaks down how to answer Merit/Excellence questions, including how to answer them in a way that NCEA wants.

Visually beautiful

The same beautiful and easy to navigate design as our walkthrough guide, making study more palatable. 

An NCEA style practice exam with full explanations

A NCEA-style practice exam with full answers/explanations so you can practice putting together all you’ve learned and have an additional source of exam practice than NCEA past exams.

Find out what you need to work on

Includes reflection sections so that you know what you need to work on, helping you to study smarter, not harder.

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